Blue Safari

The Submarine

Experience a unique and spectacular way of diving – without ever getting wet – on-board a real submarine! Comfortably seated in an air-conditioned cabin under atmospheric pressure, you will discover the magic of Mauritius’ vibrant marine and coral life at depths of 35 metres under the sea.

Over the course of your 45 minute journey, you will visit the ship-wrecked ‘Star Hope’, corals and a 17th Century anchor. A fabulous experience, the Blue Safari Submarine is open to everyone from the ages of two to 77.

The Sub-Scooter

Enjoy the thrill of piloting your own underwater scooter three metres beneath the sea’s surface.

During this 35 minute experience, individuals or couples will be accompanied on their scooter by qualified scuba divers, thus ensuring they are in safe hands to witness Mauritius’ marine fauna and flora from the large, transparent panoramic cupola that rests on their bike.

Participants need to know how to swim in order to hire a sub-scooter.