A full day 100% Adrenaline

The lush environment is the perfect canvas to let your intrepid nature run free. Should you choose to walk with lions, trek past lazy rivers or jump from the top of canyons and waterfalls, Casela World of Adventures doesn’t come easy but it is worth the call! Asking for more? Experience ziplines like never before and cross the Nepalese Bridge. Get acquainted with our zebras while discovering the African Reserve on a quad bike, buggy or Segway.

Big cat lovers (children and adults alike) who nevertheless want to keep their distance will get the opportunity to look at the lions and cheetahs perched on a platform right on top of their enclosure. Children can feed such animals like rabbits and wallabies at the petting farm.

Experience the excitement of riding our quad and buggy on a rugged plateau and come across zebras, ostriches and African antelopes in their natural environment (1 hour).

Embark on a 45 minute trip on board of our specially designed safari vehicles, a 30-seater. Get into the wild with ostriches and zebras surrounding you. You may even arouse the curiosity of a few of them as they come straight to you. It sometimes happens that one of our ostriches tries to get on board of the vehicle. Off far, you can’t miss our herd of antelopes galloping in an orderly manner while our oryxes graze the lush pastures. To make this discovery memorable, count on our team of professional photographers which won’t miss a single opportunity to capture every single feeling you exude! Simply collect your photos as you get off the vehicle with this journey full of thrilling memories.

Walk with the lions:

What a feeling to roam alongside the king of the jungle! This walk takes place by the Rempart River and a safety briefing is mandatory by the expert animal handlers before you set out to witness the sheer majestic and noble behaviour of our lions…


For true fans, get up-close and personal with the lion king through an encounter of a unique kind. Get your picture taken while you give the beast a pat and feel the sudden surge of emotions! Thanks to the professional team of supervisors, you never walk alone…
Interactions last approximately 10 to 15 minutes inside the enclosure.

Ziplines deliver an adrenaline rush that the adventurous types appreciate. Our zipline is one of the longest ziplines in Mauritiusand there is nothing quite like this thrill to shake you out of your daily routine!